Carnelian Oval Bead Strand: Hand carved from Afghanistan, 5mm
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Carnelian Oval Bead Strand: Hand carved from Afghanistan, 5mm


Afghan Tribal Arts has been importing from Afghanistan and the region since the 1980’s. The focus is on vintage textiles and tribal jewelry as well as new gemstone beads made for jewelry designers. Clicking on the Shop on Etsy button will take you to our shop there where you can see what is currently in stock.

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Carnelian is a form of agate that is rich in deep reds and browns. Those coming from Afghanistan are appreciated for the luster and depth of tone. This strand is on the paler side with oval shaped beads. The average bead size is 5 mm. long, but they do vary. The stone has a matte finish that develops a rich luster as it is worn and absorbs oils from the skin.

Average Dimensions:

Bead Size: 5 mm long
Strand Length: 14 inches (35.5 centimeters)

Please examine the photos carefully. We have made every attempt to get as close to the color as possible, but different monitors do interpret these colors differently. And, you will notice that the sizes of the beads do vary from strand to strand. Flaws, hairline cracks and uneven finishing is part of this handmade process.


Jewellery-art has a nice description on Carnelian properties which is quoted below.
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Carnelian is the name given to a specific colour of agate. The word carnelian comes from the latin word for flesh (carnis). It applies to any agate that is red to dark orange to brownish in colour. Sometimes referred to as cornelion, it is found primary in India, and various sites around South America. Also found in Brazil, Australia, Russia and the US. Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony.

The most favorable pieces are deep-red to red-orange in colour. A moderately hard stone that is capable of taking a hard polish. Used for thousands of years – from the Egyptians, who filled tombs with carnelian, as they thought it had great power, and would help the souls journey to the afterlife.

Once classed as just the property of the noble classes, carnelian was often associated with social status.

Carnelian protects from bad vibrations, calms the temper, helps an insecure person find strength from within, helps with poverty, helps in focusing and in realising goals, aids decision making, helps to banish sorrow, gives a sense of humor, gives career success, helps in drama and theatrical productions, helps stop the flow of blood – helps to heal wounds and cures blood diseases, helps to increase physical energy, is an energy booster, recommended for infertility and impotency, increases sexual energy, and increases the appetite.


Looks like this stone does a lot! If you believe in these things, you might end up fat and rich, on a stage with a pile of kids, jumping around with a lot of energy and a smile of happiness on your lips. If you don’t believe, at least you’ll end up with a gorgeous strand of beads…

Afghan Tribal Arts specializes in handcut, unpolished beads from Afghanistan and the region. Working with artisans directly in the Peshawar region, your purchase helps support small workshops who work in traditions established over centuries in the Silk Road. Afghanistan has great wealth in its natural resources, including an endless variety of semi-precious stones. Unpolished stones take in the oils of the skin with wear and develop a deep patina over time.

Recognizing that these strands are more expensive than the dyed and commercial stones that flood the market these days, we encourage our customers to think of buying with other friends and splitting the strands or to buy quantity in order to save on shipping. Free shipping on orders over $100.

Afghan Tribal Arts has been working with Afghan artists for more than 20 years. Handcarved semi-precious beads are the core focus of the business, but we also have a huge inventory of old and new textiles, carvings and metal work. Visit our shop here on Etsy to see our beautiful treasures!

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Afghan Tribal Arts

I have been importing from Central Asia since the 1980’s. Afghan Tribal Arts focuses on hand carved gemstones, beads, tribal jewelry, vintage textiles and nomadic carpets. We have a huge inventory of handmade crafts from around the world.

Our gallery is at 626 Broadway in Paducah, Kentucky, USA. We have a nice selection of beads and smaller items on Etsy: Visit us!

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The products you see here are examples of what we have sold in the past. Let us know what you are looking for and we will work with you.  We have lots of photos of our gallery on our Facebook page and you can look through them and contact us if you see something you want to know more about.

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