Eco Solar Dyed Botanical Print Caftan Robe, One of a Kind, One Size
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Eco Solar Dyed Botanical Print Caftan Robe, One of a Kind, One Size


Eco Printed Chiffon Caftan Robe

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This natural dyed poly chiffon caftan robe is eco/botanically printed with “windfall” sycamore leaves collected from our local arboretum. (Windfall leaves are chosen from those that have fallen from the tree or bush. Leaves are never taken directly from their hosts unless they are pruned.)

Sycamore, leaves were placed on top of vinegar & water soaked poly chiffon A “cover blanket” that had been soaking iron water infused with blue pigment for three days was placed on top of the chiffon and leaves. This combination was then rolled tightly around a copper pipe, wrapped in compression tape, and boiled in water for 2 hours, causing the leaves to leave their imprints while transferring the pigment dyes to the fabric background. (For my pigments, I am recycling inks from my large format digital printer.)

Sewn in two panels, the garment measures 38″across/30″down, front and back. Hand hemming dfinishes the top and sides. The hemline retains the raw edge of the fabric.

Hand beading completes the neckline and sides.

Looks great paired with jeans, a skirt, over a long dress, or with leggings. Dress it up, dress it down.

Washable. To prolong life of eco/botanically printed fabrics, hand wash in cold water and white vinegar. Do not soak. Hang in the shade to dry.
Machine washing okay, but not recommended. If machine washing, use a mesh bag. 1/2 cup white vinegar + 2 teaspoons salt works better than any laundry detergent.

Note: Keep in mind that the colors on computer monitors vary.


Gini Holmes
is a traditionally trained print maker who loves combining traditional with experimental printing techniques.
She has many works in private collections in the United States and Abroad.

She enjoys creating clothing and accessories from fabrics she finds in thrift stores. She either directly upcycles the fabric into a new garment, or manipulates it through different textile techniques, including:
Digital printing from a personal design
Printing with found objects
Botanical printing
Breakdown surface printing

No printing is ever the same, making each item unique.

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