Annual Memberships

Artizan Made charges a minimal fee to members in order to help pay for hosting and marketing fees. There is a discount when paying by the year, which also helps with planning and keeping the site stable. The fee is $12.50 a month or $130/year, a $20 discount. Subscriptions will automatically renew monthly, which you can discontinue at any time.

The Market

The Market mostly serves as a place to redirect people to your shop, either on Etsy or on your own site. To do this, we download a csv file of your products, adjust the file to fit Artizan’s structure, import the products and then link back to you. We are charging $25/year for 50 products. Every product we add has several images and the more images we have on the site, the more it costs in hosting fees. So, this is a nominal fee.

Want to have 100 products? Just make two purchases of this item. These will be a yearly automatic payment on PayPal and you can cancel them at any time.

Want to sell through our cart? You can! Just log in and you will see your vendor dashboard where you can load new products and edit whatever you have through imports or manual listings. We are not taking a commission from products sold through the site, except for whatever PayPal charges us.

Let me know if you need help.

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