Crocheted Black, Yellow & Red Purse, Double Strap and Clasp Bag
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Crocheted Black, Yellow & Red Purse, Double Strap and Clasp Bag


Amazon Ecology works with hundreds of native and campesino artisans from the Peruvian Amazon to produce and sell innovative fair trade handicrafts. Your purchase helps to create sustainable income for artisan families, promote forest conservation, and supports local development in their communities. This product is an example of what we have carried in the past. Click on the Visit Shop button to see our current inventory.

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These hand crocheted purses with clasp and double straps were designed and made by a native artisan from the Peruvian Amazon with natural and durable chambira palm fiber. These purses are functional for everyday use, they are roomy, opaque and very durable.  Bright black, yellow and red. The comfortable straps are approximately 27 inches long and the purse measures 11″ by 11″.

A tag lists the artisan’s name and community and the plants they used to make it. Please note that each handmade bag may vary from the photo shown.

Model: BG235A005 ( 1 size)

Made by Puca Urquillo artisans in the Peruvian Amazon

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