Four-row achira seed bracelet made by Peruvian Amazon artisan
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Four-row achira seed bracelet made by Peruvian Amazon artisan


Amazon Ecology works with hundreds of native and campesino artisans from the Peruvian Amazon to produce and sell innovative fair trade handicrafts. Your purchase helps to create sustainable income for artisan families, promote forest conservation, and supports local development in their communities. This product is an example of what we have carried in the past. Click on the Visit Shop button to see our current inventory.

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These achira seed bracelets made by a veteran artisan from the Peruvian Amazon will add a distinct accent to your natural skin or tat on your wrist or ankle.  It features four rows of natural black achira (Canna) seeds connected with thread of a variety of natural, white and colored thread.

The main part of the bracelet is 5.5″ long with criss-cross threads and a chambira palm fiber chord with an adjustable knot so the bracelet can comfortably fit over any wrist.  The classic model has white thread; other bold versions have a single solid color or a pair of complementary colors. 

The bracelet was made by an expert artisan from Iquitos who has worked with the Center for Amazon Community Ecology for ten years.

Model: BR209xxx4;   Colors: natural, white, red, purple, green and blue, pink and purple

Made by Boulevard Artisan Association in the Peruvian Amazon

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