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Mug Soft Black


I live in Amsterdam and ship worldwide. Click on the Visit My Website button to see what I have in stock.

I accept special orders and have worked with restaurants and created wedding sets.

Some info:

-Stoneware clay
-Food safe glazes
-Colours available:  Playful Red, Soft Black, Natural White, Speckled Turquoise, Speckled Blue, Forest Green, Waterfall
-All pieces are 100% dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.
-All of my products are fired at high temperature (1215c/2221F), for extra strength and durability.
-Please allow for small differences in sizes and shapes between the items as they are all custom handmade, each one is unique.

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The ultimate handmade ceramic mug for tea, hot chocolate or coffee. Each mug is wheel-thrown, goes through detailed surface work to give the stone-like look, and receives a playful dent on the side in order to give a comfortable grip with the thumb.  A huggable mug!

The coffee mug has a stone-like, unglazed exterior, but the rim and outer edge have a layer of clear glaze on top to secure a smooth touch for your lips when drinking.

Visit our website to see all of the colours. Mix and match the vibrant colours if you like, it’s fun. Each colour has a different mood and energy, like the Dreamy Waterfall or the Mystic Soft Black…

Height ca 3.75 Inch /9.5 cm

Opening diameter 3.2 Inch /8 cm.

Holds about 10 Ounce/300ml.




I grew up with nature around me, on a small island in the south of Norway.

Stone, trees and water gives me the inspiration to explore the elemental energy of clay as it is transformed into ceramics. The potential which resides inside every soft lump, just waiting to be shaped and manipulated into seemingly infinite forms and finishes of handmade ceramic art.

It was the three-dimensional quality of clay which led me to study art & sculpture at Avni Institute of Art in Tel-Aviv in 1993. As a ceramic artist I have ever since been captivated by the enjoyment of creating custom made pottery with unique decorative beauty combined with functional simplicity.

When I moved to Amsterdam in 2002, I immediately started up-new in the same spirit and found my studio in an artist complex. It gives me the greatest amount of pleasure in my work knowing that there are many people out there who enjoy using my pottery.

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