Swirl design woven bowl and coaster holder with top
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Swirl design woven bowl and coaster holder with top


Amazon Ecology works with hundreds of native and campesino artisans from the Peruvian Amazon to produce and sell innovative fair trade handicrafts. Your purchase helps to create sustainable income for artisan families, promote forest conservation, and supports local development in their communities. This product is an example of what we have carried in the past. Click on the Visit Shop button to see our current inventory.

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These elegant woven bowls are the perfect little basket to hold a set of coasters or other knick-knacks in your dining room table, living room, office or bedroom.  Each design has a natural off-white background with swirls of one or two accent colors with a matching top and clasp fitted with a large wooden bead. 

Each woven pot was skillfully handcrafted with natural chambira palm fiber by a campesina artisan from the village of Chino on the Tahuayo River in Peru.  Their name and the pant used to make it are written on a tag that accompanies the craft. Your purchase helps ensure fair wages for the artisans who make these gorgeous handicrafts in addition to helping preserve the rainforests by promoting crafts made with sustainable resources. 

These pots are 5 inches across and 3 inches tall.  Please remember that these crafts are hand-made by different artisans so the exact design and size may vary from the photo shown for this model.

See matching swirl design coasters (sold separately) and open top pots.

Model: CST002101 (black), CST002104 (red), CST002105 (orange), CST002159 (yellow and orange), CST002445 (purple), CST002445 (purple), CST002446 (green and turquoise), CST002475 (lime green), CST003476 (lantern style – lime green)

Made by Asociacion Manos Amazonicas in the Peruvian Amazon

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