Jeri Gillin Weaving

Jeri Gillin Weaving - Colorful Saori
Jeri Golovin Gillin - Saori Weaving - Worcester, MA, USA

Jeri Golovin Gillin – Saori Weaving – Worcester, MA, USA

I have been a member of the Saori Worcester weaving studio since 2010. A distinctly Eastern philosophy permeates SAORI weaving. It is based upon improvisation and the belief that a piece develops as “Colors unfold, designs emerge, and beauty blooms directly from the genius of each unique individual working in harmony with loom, thread, and the spark of the moment. SAORI Weaving is a profound inner journey, yet we can enjoy it socially, working alongside others. SAORI Weaving is pure improvisation from the heart, with no premeditated pattern in mind.”

My weaving takes the form of wall hangings (both large and small) scarves and shawls, and kitchen textiles. No two pieces are ever alike; since there is no pattern involved, no design can ever be duplicated. The colors and textures of the Maine landscape directly influence my work. I often incorporate natural elements into my weavings; moss, seaweed, driftwood, etc. all have found their way into various tapestries. Since my loom in Maine looks out over the ocean, as nature reveals its different hues, this, too, is reflected in my weaving.

I serve on the Board of Directors of the Deer Isle Artists Association in Deer Isle, Maine, where I show my work in the DIAA Gallery during the summer. I recently retired from Providence College where, for twenty-seven years, I was a faculty member in the Elementary/Special Education Department. Retirement has allowed me more opportunities to pursue my passion for weaving and to try new techniques in this ancient art and craft.

Pieces in desired colors and sizes can be made to order.  Contact jerigillin @  (remove spaces)


Jeri Gillin Weaving - Red Saori

Jeri Gillin Weaving – Red Saori


Jeri Gillin Weaving - Blue Saori

Jeri Gillin Weaving – Blue Saori


Jeri Gillin Weaving - Saori with tassels

Jeri Gillin Weaving – Saori with tassels


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  1. Rosemarie Manson 5 months ago

    Love your approach to weaving. I use that same process when I paint: no two pieces are the same. It’s such a freeing feeling!! Best wishes for future success!! Rose

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