Kahiniwalla fair trade organic crocheted farm animal toys
Austin and Marita - Kahiniwalla

Austin and Marita of Kahiniwalla live in Canton, Ohio, USA. They work with Pebble, a handmade and fair trade toy organization in Bangladesh.

Our family spent nearly a decade living in the lush and vibrant country of Bangladesh. During our time there, we met Samantha Morshed, the founder of Pebble. Pebble was born out of this mother’s heart. Heartbroken at seeing so many young moms leave their babies behind with relatives and move to the city to labor in often unsafe garment factories, she wanted to create fair, safe and alternative employment. Beginning with a handful of women, she taught them how to knit and crochet. By the time we met her, Pebble was being sold worldwide and had grown to employ over 2,000 women.

When our family returned to the US in 2010, we became the US distributors for the brand, Kahiniwalla. Today Pebble is sold in over 30 countries. It has grown to employ over 12,000 women in over 120 rural centers. The women can walk to work, taking their babies with them. As a fair trade brand, Pebble pays well above minimum wage, allowing the women to take charge of their futures. It keeps families together, intentionally employs women with disabilities, and ensures safe and healthy work environments. It also protects endangered forests and animals through strategic partnerships. Pebble transforms entire communities and truly puts smiles on faces around the world.

Made entirely by hand using high quality natural materials, each item is one of a kind. Our hope is that these quirky, beautiful toys will become family treasures to be passed down to future generations.


Kahiniwalla fair trade organic crocheted mermaid toy

Kahiniwalla fair trade organic crocheted mermaid toy


Kahiniwalla fair trade organic crocheted giraffe rattle

Kahiniwalla fair trade organic crocheted giraffe rattle.


Kahiniwalla fair trade crocheted giraffe toy - Bangladesh

Large crocheted Pebble giraffe.


Pebble Crocheters - Bangladesh Fair Trade

Pebble Crocheters




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