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Kari Ytterdal at the wheel, of Kari Ceramics - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Kari Ytterdal of Kari Ceramics – Amsterdam, The Netherlands



I grew up with nature around me, on a small island in the south of Norway.

Stone, trees and water give me the inspiration to explore the elemental energy of clay as it is transformed into ceramics. The potential which resides inside every soft lump, just waiting to be shaped and manipulated into seemingly infinite forms and finishes of handmade ceramic art.

It was the three-dimensional quality of clay which led me to study art & sculpture at Avni Institute of Art in Tel-Aviv in 1993. As a ceramic artist I have since been captivated by the enjoyment of creating custom made pottery with unique decorative beauty combined with functional simplicity.

When I moved to Amsterdam in 2002, I immediately started in the same spirit and founded my studio in an artist complex. It gives me the greatest amount of pleasure in my work knowing that there are many people out there who enjoy using my pottery.

I welcome inquiries about special orders and commissions.

Come visit!  kariceramics.com




Dinner set Turq Mid Forest Handmade ceramics

Dinnerware set in beautiful blues and turquoises.


kari ceramics handmade mixed sizes bowls

The sideview shows the textures of the beautiful bowls which come in several sizes.


Kari ceramics handmade pottery red hand ceramic mug

The mugs are comfortable to hold and also come in different colors.


Some examples of my work are shown here. These all link to my website, Kari Ceramics.



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