Lynne Brotman Fiber Art

Surface Design workshops in Austin, Texas, USA.

Lynne Brotman Fiber Art - Austin, Texas
Lynne Brotman Fiber Art – Austin, Texas




I am a multidisciplinary artist, passionate about fiber arts and their impact on our everyday existence. I create a variety of fiber-related artworks, from surface designs on fabric to carved gourds and dyeing cloth.

In my own work, symbology has great importance:

“Symbology is the study of past and present symbols that have become engrained in our being.  Symbols signify our existence and our connections with the world around us illustrating feelings such as, “I have been here,” ” I believe this,” and “I am like others.”

They mark the roadmaps of my work, both in their presentation and in their interpretation by the viewer. Symbols determine the colors and mediums I incorporate into each piece.  Building layers of rich color, through mediums such as dyeing, fiber manipulation, printing, and/or mark-making, I set about on a journey where I develop my own personal symbology.  My vision is to give voice to our stories and experiences through the tactile medium of fiber.”