c. 2019, Judith Lefevre. Linda and Dean Moran

Donor: Linda Moran – Author and Artist – New York (state)

Linda Moran

croneswhocare@gmail.com or marblers2008@gmail.com

AS long as I can remember, I have worked with my hands – some activities considerably more successful than others (I’m thinking tole painting). My interest in fiber of all kinds has become a passion; once I started quilting, I couldn’t stop.

My husband Dean and I started marbling in 1992 in response to my buying a book on fabric marbling that I wanted to try. He was hooked immediately. He died in 2021, and I am left with an incredible marbled fabric stash that he created for me fusing his two years in hospice care. Along the way, we have sold internationally, been in numerous books with samples of marbled creations, and also had gallery shows and successful Etsy and website shops.

All that is gone, literally and figuratively. I am left with a desire to continue creating fiber art in memory of my husband, who supported every crazy thing I tried. Our marbling sessions were always fun – discovering new fabrics, patterns, and paints. Then we headed to the studio to add thread to the artwork.

Throughout our nearly 30 years as marblers, we often wished we had funding to move ahead with some of our ideas, but we struggled with what we had. I want other struggling new artists to have a chance at building a fiber art vocation. I do this to honor the creativity that was my Dean.


c. 2020, Linda Moran.“Thank You, Dr. Hubble.” Private collection.
c. 2020, Linda Moran.“Thank You, Dr. Hubble.” Private collection.