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Over 800 quilt patterns along with finished quilts, too! Calgary, Canada

Diane McGregor and her horse - Calgary, Canada
Diane McGregor and her horse – Calgary, Canada



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Based in Calgary, Canada, Castilleja Cotton is a family business with Diane’s sister, Colleen Kennedy, contributing many of the designs and Diane’s husband, Don McGregor, contributing photographs and some of his own designs. All of quilts are made using a regular sewing machine.


“Castilleja (ka_steel_ya) is the Latin name for the Indian Paintbrush flower. These flowers are found in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and bloom in late July and August. The color of these flowers varies from a greenish white, to red, fuchsia and magenta. The name Castilleja reflects the combination of colors and fabrics in our work.

Castilleja Cotton has been in business since 1993. We have created many one of kind designs for our quilt patterns and fabric art. We produce quilt patterns and fabric art (small wall quilts), larger wall quilts and other quilted items. We sell our quilt patterns to quilt shops and our small quilts to selected gift stores.

Castilleja Cotton has an eclectic selection of over 800 quilt patterns that focus on a variety of subjects. These include angels, bunnies, hearts, insects (butterflies, dragonflies), geckos, flowers (daisies, iris, sunflowers), mountains, wilderness ( eagles, bears, loons, deer), sea life (fish, dolphins, turtles, whales) and snow folk. We have Christmas quilt patterns with bells, candles, candy canes, elves, poinsettias, ornaments, trees, tree skirts and nativity scenes. Our Japanese/Asian quilt patterns include images of kimonos, kites, fans and lanterns.”

-Diane McGregor


Castilleja Cotton -Diane McGregor
Castilleja Cotton -Diane McGregor – Calgary, Canada



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