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Tija Viksna
Tija Viksna – Riga, Latvia


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Seeing colours, feeling textures, painting with fiber — all that makes me feel alive. Tapestry crochet has become my passion. Within it, I can unite all forms of creativity I have loved and learned since my childhood. After graduating from art school, where I learned academic painting and drawing, I studied textile arts. And now I paint my wearable tapestries using the crochet hook as a brush and all kinds of fibers, yarns and threads.

I live with my big family in a remote place in Latvia. Our house stands in the middle of crop fields and meadows. Hundred year old ashes and oaks grow along the tiny river that flows behind the house. We moved here from the very center of Riga (the capital and largest city in our country) in 2001. Since then, nature has become my most precious muse. In every piece of my crocheted art, there is something from the land, the sky, the grass and flowers, the woods and meadows that surround me. And now and then there is also something from the city that I still consider my dearest — Riga, one of the most charming cities in the world.

I work part time as a freelance interior designer, I also design furniture, make glass/stone/smalti mosaics, paint murals. For several years I have also run workshops.

-Tija Viksna of Tija Crochet



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