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Hand painted silk scarves - Estonia

Maria Jürimäe, silk painter from Estonia
Maria Jürimäe, silk painter from Estonia


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My name is Maria Jürimäe and I am an Estonian silk artist with 20+ years of experience.

My scarves are called Singing Scarves because I always love to sing while painting. In old Estonian and Finno-Ugric tales the power of song is really strong – it can influence our lives, it can create new worlds. Our nation has not forgotten this wisdom. And we sang ourselves free from the Soviet Union!

I absolutely love to create one-of-the-kind pieces of wearable art on pure silk because these pieces carry the most special energy. My silk scarves and silk ties carry the joy of making them and the good wishes that are specially painted into them – I have painted special scarves for many who need some extra courage to present their ideas or some extra motivation to make healthy food choices.

If you are a person with beautiful ideas and you wish to make someone happy (your friends, colleagues, family, yourself) you are in the right place. I accept commissions even though I have many choices to choose from in my shop on Etsy. Please describe your ideas and I will make them live on pure silk. No limits! Absolutely anything can be painted on silk! – I have painted flowers, animals, houses and cathedrals; even cars and airplanes!

Art is in our family. I am a daughter and granddaughter of an artist and my sister is a fashion designer. I am a mother of two lovely girls who assist me in silk painting, too, so you can find some very special pieces of Very Young Art in my shop.

I am teaching silk painting not only to my girls, but have taught workshops for over 20 years and have had students from all around the world – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Germany, Poland. . . even Australia!

I am a member of SPIN.

If you would like to know more about me, the magic world of singing scarves and silk painting, you are welcome to browse SingingScarves in different social media channels: I have a Facebook page and am share my newest creations and work processes on Instagram.


Maria of Singing Scarves selling her scarves at an art event.
Maria of Singing Scarves selling her scarves at an art event.


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I have been donating proceeds to help Ukraine and have raised several thousand dollars. Contact me for more information.




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