Linnea Pergola

The Girl and the Sea by Linnea Pergola
Linnea Pergola, New Windsor, NY, USA -silk painter, artist

Linnea Pergola, New Windsor, NY, USA

I’ve been a professional artist for over 30 years.  I paint on silk as well as watercolors and do encaustics and oils, along with pencil and pen and ink drawings. I was awarded the title of Master Silk Painter by Silk Painters International. There are only around 20 of us worldwide. My inspiration comes from my travels as well as nature and animals, especially horses.

I began my art career in Los Angeles with Martin Lawrence Galleries. They published and distributed many serigraphs of my work over the United States and Japan. I have since been with other art publishers and currently work with Galerie-f in Germany where they print and distribute 3’d prints of my work.  I also work with Liberty Puzzles who uses my art for high end puzzles.

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Maui by Linnea Pergola

Maui by Linnea Pergola


Sky Dancer by Linnea Pergola

Sky Dancer by Linnea Pergola


A Day in the Rainforest by Linnea Pergola

A Day in the Rainforest by Linnea Pergola


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Comments (2)

  1. Robyn 12 months ago

    I missed out on getting a liberty “the girl and the sea” puzzle, and I sure wish I could get one. They aren’t making them anymore, and when I asked if I could special order one, they said they don’t have permission anymore. Do you sell them at all? Or can I get permission for them to make me one from you? 🙂 Thanks, you have the most beautiful artworks <3 (I have other Liberty puzzles of your artwork that they do sell).

  2. Linnea 12 months ago

    Hi Robyn. I’ll have to contact Liberty Puzzles today. That is so weird. I will let you know what they said. Glad you like the puzzles!

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