Letting Go

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A woman letting go of her life plan’s.


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The inspiration for this silk painting was when I lived on a horse farm for almost two years.  I never in a million years would have thought I’d be living in an apartment in a horse barn.  This is a woman who is letting go of her plans only to see them being eaten by the fish and farm animals.  It’s also humorous because you have to laugh at life when it gives you bumps.

This silk is 46″ x 36″ and is gallery wrapped and ready to hang.

I was awarded the title of “Master Silk Painter” by Silk Painters International.

(https://www.silkpainters.org)  As with any artwork please don’t hang it in the sunlight.

I have been professionally painting for over 30 years.  I’ve had numerous art publishers (Martin Lawrence Galleries,  John Szoke Art Publisher, Galerie-F, and Liberty Puzzles).   I paint watercolors, silk and enjoy encaustics as well as drawing and sketching.   I am originally from Los Angeles and now live in Cornwall, NY.   My website is:  https://www.LinneaPergola.com

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