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Paintings, collages, enamels and more. Canada.

Elena Nahum Leroy - Gatineau, QC, Canada, Quebec
Elena Nahum Leroy – Gatineau, QC, Canada, Quebec




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Like many artists who chose to be an artist as an adult, at first I was exploring realism in traditional techniques. However, I got bored quite fast and started creating my own reality, full of colours and positive emotions.

Now, my art blends surrealism, creativity, and bold colours, radiating happiness and fun. I’m fusing traditional elements with modern techniques and transforming reality. In both collages and my metalworks, I’m using old things (sometimes even historical artifacts) giving them a new life and filling them with a new meaning. Every (even a little) piece I’m creating has always a message behind it, so look at my works as if they are little riddles.

Sharing and exploring a diverse range of creative interests and mediums to work with, I’m primarily working in oil, acrylic, collage, papier-mâché and metals.

Earlier in my career my main subjects for oil paintings were still lives and landscapes. I chose modern impressionism as a style, capturing the fleeting effects of light and color in the natural world, often through loose brushstrokes and vibrant colours. Later, I moved to surrealistic subjects, creating my own world, which allowed me to experiment with combining different images and objects in unexpected ways, or creating my own dreamlike scenes.

As a collage artist, I enjoy experimenting with different textures, colors, and patterns in my artwork. I love layering different materials to create depth and visual interest, and playing with different cutting and pasting techniques to create unique effects. My topics vary from cute kitty world to political or social issues.

Even though I can create papier-mâché from scratch, I prefer to use figurines and masks made by third parties and focus on decorative rather than technical aspects. I’m using tissue paper and uniquely patterned napkins for creating a modern vintage figurines that forms my personal style.

My jewelry with authentic historical artifacts can become a great way to give someone special a meaningful pieces that have a story behind them. Some of the pieces are over two thousand years old and keep a lot of secrets.

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