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Welcome to Artizan Made’s Market!

We are an international collective of handmade shops, focusing on home décor and eco-fashion. We support studio artists, fair traders, ethical vintage and some designers. Our members have been invited to join us based on their professionalism, originality and track record with their customers.

Our goal is to help you find meaningful products that you can use in your home, that you can wear or that you can give to someone else. Almost all of our products link back to our member sites. They may be on Etsy or have their own website. We also have some who are using our cart.  Either way, our hope is that you will love what they make and that you will support them with your purchases.

We live in a throw away society and have way too much stuff, and yet we can also create beautiful spaces, wear something wild and know that we are connecting with the maker when we support handmade. There is a necessary relationship between the buyer and the seller and within that, there is a story. The seller offers a skill, an idea, and a way of life. For example, the indigenous people we represent are able to stay in their communities and create products for sale instead of leaving for the big cities or working in factories. Same with the studio artist who can work from home and ship to almost any country. The handmade life often involves more than a product. It supports eco-systems that care about nature and might involve gardening, simple living, home cooking, community building, and concern for people and for the environment.

About Our Categories

We have almost 300 categories that showcase the products in different ways. Home and Office and To Wear are the obvious ones you see on most sites.  Niche has themes that people often look for like Ceramics, Embroidery, Tribal Art, Vintage, etc.  Elements are fun themes that might bring products together that would not normally rub shoulders. We have colors, patterns, Animals, Birds and Wings, and so on. Materials is what things are made of, Method is how they were made, and Provenance is where they were made (not where the seller lives). If you are on a laptop, you can use the category listing on the sidebar to quickly find areas of interest. Click on the arrows to see the subcategories. If you are on a cell phone, click on the +Filters link at the top left.

Have fun exploring and do go visit our members! They are wonderful people waiting to welcome you. Please share our site with your friends and help get the word out. We appreciate the support!