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Ukrainian textile artist - floral crowns and folk art.

Marta Porada - Lviv, Ukraine
Marta Porada – Lviv, Ukraine


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Hello. My name is Marta and I am an artist from Ukraine.

I live in the west of the country, but the war that is going on now affects my business, too, in one way or another.  I did not give up and keep on creating for you, even the difficult times and dark days for our country.

I make headpieces, in particular the ethnic Ukrainian style. I also felt and knit necklaces, along with brooches and foam flower brooches. All of my products are made in a variety of techniques, of which I probably know more than 10 and also recently I started making bags and wall art décor using the punch needle technique.

I have been making my own crafts for over 15 years. My products are bought in different parts of the world.  I created a headpiece for one of the beauty contests in China, have made works for numerous photographers, a theater in Denmark, for people from Australia, America and European countries. I am very happy and proud that my products are loved and appreciated even many kilometers from my native land.

I have sold on Etsy since 2018, so it’s been about 5 years.

I want as many people as possible to learn about Ukraine, about our people and our multifaceted and charming culture. I represent my people through my products and I hope that Artizan Made will help me in this. We Ukrainians are very strong and freedom-loving, and even despite the war, we create our own culture and a new history for our people.

My biggest challenge today is the war in Ukraine and the uncertainty of tomorrow.  I have two young children, and their safety and upbringing is my first priority, but I try to use every free moment to create something beautiful, new and unique.  I hope and believe that you will feel the love and passion with which I create each of my pieces and that you will also be able to touch something beautiful made by my hands.

Most of all I love creativity and the flight of fantasy that I can find when I create my artwork.  I can nurture an idea for weeks or months and then I bring it to life with great pleasure. Even when I’m tired of everyday tasks, I like to come to my small workshop, sit on a chair and start creating something new and unique. My love for handmade is boundless, and it gives me strength for each new day. I am very pleased to create something with my own hands and it is even more pleasant to read reviews of satisfied customers and the fact that my work inspires them.

All of my products here on Artizan Made link back to my shop on Etsy. Contact me if you have any special projects or commissions.  Thank you for your support!


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