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Vintage textiles from Afghan Tribal Arts
Beads and Rugs by ATA, 626 Broadway, Paducah, Kentucky

Beads and Rugs by ATA, 626 Broadway, Paducah, Kentucky


Afghan Tribal Arts is based in Paducah, Kentucky, USA, where its shop showcases beads from around the world, gemstones, rocks, tribal rugs, vintage textiles, and crafts from around the world. Abdul Wardak was born in Afghanistan and immigrated to the United States in 1979. He worked in the insurance world for many years but traveling back and forth to see family led him to start importing and by 1997 he had amassed a huge collection of wonderful textiles, carvings, rugs and more from Central Asia.

A true nomad, Abdul spends most of his time on the road, working bead and rock shows on a route between Wisconsin and Florida. The most common shows he does are through G&LW – Gem and Lapidary Wholesalers, a venue that sets up in different cities. You can check the schedule here and if one of them is near you, contact Abdul to see if he will be there.

Jade beads from Afghanistan.

Jade beads from Afghanistan.

Call Abdul: 847-602-6651

He also usually does the Tucson and Denver Gem Shows.  The core of the business is in the gemstones that are imported from Afghanistan. They are hand cut and unpolished, made for jewelry artists who incorporate them into their designs. When worn, the beads absorb the oils of the skin and over time, take on a beautiful sheen.


If you are in the Paducah, Kentucky area, visit the shop located at 626 Broadway on the main strip downtown.

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Beads & Rugs by ATA.

There are lots of photos on the page and if you see something you like, leave a comment on the photo and contact them to see if it’s still available and to find out more info on prices and shipping.



Abdul is also a poet!  He has a Facebook page, The Writings of Abdul Wardak, where he posts occasionally.  Here is one:

Journey Unknown

In the ocean of life,
We leap, like the dolphins in a circle.
A journey unknown.
Nor will any understand.
In the fields of happy times,
All the flowers are not the same.
Some bloomed, some are yet to bloom.
But the forceful wind of autumn
Raids the garden out of life.
An end unknown.
Nor will any understand.
We came crying into life
And will leave laughing to the end.
A path unknown.
Nor will any understand.
In the ocean of life
we leap like the dolphins in a circle.
All Rights Reserved
AAW Dec 14, 2019
Del Ray Beach, FL
Don’t hesitate to contact Abdul if you are looking for something specific or want more information on something. He is a lot of fun and very personable!  Connect with him.

Afghan Tribal Arts carries beautiful gemstone beads.


Turkman Jewelry from Afghan Tribal Arts

Turkman Jewelry from Afghan Tribal Arts


Abdul Wardak at a show.

Abdul Wardak at a show.



These items are available for purchase and ship from Paducah, Kentucky.

Free shipping worldwide on purchases over $250.




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