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Honoring the past, we use familiar tools to innovate and look to the future. A world that embraces handmade also cares about sustainability, quality of life and beauty.

Artizan Made connects our shop members to a community that shares a passion for the techniques and training that inform the best of handmade.


Our Market links member products to their shops on Etsy or their own sites.

All of our members have been vetted based on talent and professionalism.

Connect with them and shop with confidence!

Located in Paducah, Kentucky, USA, with an International membership.

WIKIMEDIA COMMONS The Sacred Heart of Jesus stained glass window at All Saints Catholic Church, St. Peters, Missouri.

Featured Members

Calaveras Arts

José Gabriel Lopez: paintings, paper mache and jewelry. Austin, Texas, USA.

Floris Flam Art Quilts

Hand dyed art quilts, fabric bowls, silk scarves and bamboo socks. Maryland, USA.

Knot Just Hats

Fair Isle and cable knitting in hats, socks, sweaters and more.

Cindy Grisdela Art Quilts

Virginia art quilter and teacher.

Bluegrass Quilts

Modern made to order quilts - Kentucky, USA

Singing Scarves

Hand painted silk scarves - Estonia

Linnea Pergola

Silk painter - New York, USA

Afghan Tribal Arts

Gemstone beads, vintage textiles, tribal rugs and décor from Central Asia.

Rose Hughes Quilt Artist

Quilt artist - Paducah, Kentucky, USA

Sweetbriar Studio Art

Whimsical clay creatures - Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Something Else Studio

Renaissance Inspired Accessories - Michigan USA

Elena NL

Paintings, collages, enamels and more. Canada.

The first time I saw this video of Elvis, it made me weep.  Many years later, it still captures a deep pathos that seems relevant to what is happening in the world today.  All of the wars, climate change, consumerism….  The lyrics are below the video.  Here’s one verse:


There must be peace and understanding sometime
Strong winds of promise that will blow away
The doubt and fear
If I can dream of a warmer sun
Where hope keeps shining on everyone
Tell me why, oh why, oh why won’t that sun appear

Peace to you and may your dreams come true!


FeltUA Ukrainian Meditation Shawl Black and White
FeltUA Ukrainian Meditation Shawl

From Our Market:    Valentine’s Day

From Our Blog

The Heart as a Symbol of Love

I was thinking about the heart shape, wondering how it became the symbol for love. Clearly, the physical heart must have inspired poetry, ballads, and stories for thousands of years because of how it pounds in our chests when we think of the beloved, hold a child, face an enemy, take a risk or engage…

Making Art Out of Trash (or just something useful…)

Update Feb 2024:  I wrote this post in 2020 and we finally have action happening!  Artizan ReMade is a study group looking at our waste and brainstorming about how we can create systems that treat it as a valuable material.  Check it out!   Anybody paying any kind of attention has seen the images of…

ReMakers: Call to Action for Upcyclers!

Update: This blog post was the first idea stage message that I got out there.  We are now officially called Artizan ReMade and my long term vision is now laid out here: Our Facebook Group has been growing rapidly and it's been really fun to see what people are making and what groups they…

Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Jewelry

Is the desire for adornment an innate human drive? Most cultures seem to express their identities through their clothing, jewelry and hair styles, often messaging to the public their roles in society with what they wear. They might signal marital status, wealth, professions, cultural identity, and even subcultures born out of rebellion against those same…

Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Ornaments from Around the World

Decorating for the holidays is a huge deal for many people, with many bringing out treasures that have been handed down for generations. Ornaments and stocking stuffers can be great small gifts that delight young and old. But, just because something might be small in size, it doesn't mean that it is necessarily "cheap". The…

Handmade Gifts for $30 and Under

“Living well is an art that can be developed: a love of life and ability to take great pleasure from small offerings and assurance that the world owes you nothing and that every gift is exactly that, a gift. ” ― Maya Angelou   Click on the photos to visit our member websites.   It's…

Come to the Table – The Handmade Touch

Rituals The photo at the top is of my sister, Helen Faber (Biel), sitting at her birthday table in Brazil.  I believe this was her third birthday, so 1969. It has long tugged at my heart strings as she looks so cute, so sweet, and yet, so alone.  My Dad was an amateur photographer and…

A Prayer for Peace – St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis has long been one of my favorite figures represented in folk art.  The little carving above came from Guatemala, given to me by a friend many years ago.  He is the patron saint of ecology and is usually depicted with birds and wild animals surrounding him.  He was from a wealthy family who…

Halloween or Day of the Dead? Costumes from the past.

When I was a kid, 50 years ago now, Halloween was a fun but strange time.  I grew up in Brazil where All Saints Day was celebrated with visits to the cemeteries, but people did not dress up. There were about 20 American and Canadian missionary families in our city and we went to a…

Laura Lee Burch Needle Felt
Laura Lee Burch Needle Felt



“That’s the thing with handmade items. They still have the person’s mark on them, and when you hold them, you feel less alone.”
― Aimee Bender, The Color Master: Stories