Handmade in Haiti, Wall Hanging Tree of Life, Authentic Upcycled Artwork, Decorative, Painted

I began working in Haiti over 19 years ago with the goal of fighting poverty through art. During that time, we have worked with as many as 120 artists, cultivating business relationships, and building friendships. We have learned the good that comes from Fair Trade. Because of our firm belief in Fair Trade and its practice, every sale we make of metal art makes a positive impact on the artist who produces it. Those benefits flow through the whole workshop and create prosperity for their own family, workers and apprentices, and ultimately, the entire village. We are proud to be a part of that and we hope that as you admire your new piece of handcrafted, recycled folk art you will feel a bit of that pride as well.

This piece is an example of what we have carried in the past. Visit our website or our Etsy shop to see our full collections!

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-Casey Riddell

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METAL TREE of LIFE – Handmade in Haiti, Wall Hanging Tree of Life, Authentic Wall Hanging Artwork, Indoor and Outdoor Display, Decorative

Haitian metal art sculptures are made from recycled oil barrels. What is old becomes new again!
Barrels that have been cleaned up and pounded flat are then used as a “canvas” upon which the artist draws the design.
Then, with a hammer and chisel the cutwork and detailing begins. Metal sculpture has generally been undertaken by men, but increasingly, women are making a place for themselves in the field.

With it’s branches reaching skyward, and it’s roots probing deep into the ground, the Tree of Life represents the link between heaven and earth and everlasting life. It is universally recognizable, appearing in cultures as diverse as the ancient tribes of Israel and the royal courts of France. It’s graceful expression is transcendent and timeless.

There is no designated hanger for this sculpture. It doesn’t need one! Two or three well-placed nails are all you need to hang your piece. To begin, find a point near the center, say just above the trunk, where two design elements meet and pound the first nail there. Use the second nail to give it the proper angle, and use the third nail, if necessary to secure the piece firmly to the wall. You’ll find the nails “disappear” into the piece – like magic!

This Tree of Life comes with a weather-proof coating, but in time rusting can occur. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing – some people like the rustic look – but if you are not one of them, take heart. Spending 5 minutes once a year to spray the front and back of the sculpture with a a clear coat enamel will keep it looking as shiny and new as the day you bought it. https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtUnderTheTree?ref=hdr_shop_menu

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