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Daria Lvovsky - Felt artist in Israel

Daria Lvovsky in her Art of Felting studio in Israel.
Daria Lvovsky in her Art of Felting studio in Israel.


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The photo above is me, working at my studio.  You can only see one part of one of the walls, but the other parts all look the same. They are full of color, light and joy. Sometimes I feel as if I was a sort of round-bellied dragon who gained plenty of precious things in his cave. I want all kinds and all colors of wool under my hands all of the time.  The more the better! I want all kinds of fibers, like silk, bamboo, and others, as precious as it can be, accessible and immediate. All the time to see, all the time to touch, all the time to… be.

I live in Israel, but was born far away from here, in Belarus, where I spent the first years of my childhood and youth. In Israel I’ve opened the second chapter of this wonderful book, which is my life. It took me a while to find my way. I’ve learned Hebrew and I worked for a pharmaceutical start-up company. I got married and gave birth to three wonderful daughters and they inspired me to fulfill my old dream of becoming an artist.

I aspire to share my enthusiasm for the beautiful way Waldorf education enhances the flow of loving communication between children and their parents and caretakers. My creations are inspired by this wonderful way of life that my three daughters are experiencing which is very different from how I experienced my life before I knew of the Waldorf ideals. I bless each creation that I make with the prayer that it will bring happiness and gentleness to people and their children throughout the world. You can see what is available in my shop on Etsy.

I believe we can make a difference and help humanity and our entire world if we spread Love and Gentleness everywhere we can. I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoyed making them and join me to make our mutual prayers reach our globe and heal our world. As of today, my creations have reached people in the USA, Germany, Ireland, England, Australia, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, France and Canada. Some of them were purchased by kindergartens and schools, so I believe many children enjoy them.

The inspiration for my work comes from beautiful images that have captured my imagination and from personal requests of my customers throughout the world who have asked for custom made orders. You may contact me if you wish to receive a creation which does not appear in my shop. I’m often asked to create a portrait of a dear pet. I myself experienced the loss of my beloved dog, who lived with us for fourteen years and shared in all of the family events. I use photos and stories told by owners to shape the image in my head, reliving the character of the pet.

I love animals and I love felting, but it’s not only that. There is something that is difficult to share with others. It’s something to do with magic. I feel like I am like a native hunter who before tracking a deer makes an effort to turn himself into a deer. In order to hunt, he needs to feel like a deer, think like a deer and so on… In the same manner, when I work on my soft sculptures, many times I feel as if I am inside the animal I’m crafting.  More than once I felt regret in having to release it when the item is complete. My mother worried about it being a sort of madness, but I consider it as a gift and feel grateful to the Universe which granted me such ability.

Wishing you all the joy and blessings that will fill your heart,

With love, Daria Lvovsky


wild duckling..

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