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Casey in action! Working with her Haitian metal artists and practicing fair trade.
Casey in action! Working with her Haitian metal artists and practicing fair trade.


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Who are we? By name, we are It’s Cactus. We got the name from an Australian expression meaning “It’s Unique”, and that we are! But who are we really? Well, we are an online-only, woman-owned, Fair-Trade, small business based in Salinas, California who work with over 100 Haitian artists to bring an incredible selection of Haitian metal art to our customers! (That’s a mouthful!)

Since the 1990’s, Haitian artists have been working with It’s Cactus through Fair Trade. These artists are not looking for a handout, but an opportunity to work hard, provide for their families and succeed. This aligns with the goal of It’s Cactus which is, and has always been, that through Fair Trade and respectable relationships, prosperity would be sustainable, not just for a moment, a day, or a week, but for a lifetime and beyond. The best thing is, we have had the pleasure of seeing this happen. We have had the opportunity of working with talented artists, seeing them able to provide for their families, and even expanding to support their communities, to now even working with some of their grown children.


Casey Riddell in Haiti
Casey Riddell in Haiti


All of this has only been made possible through the continuous support of our wonderful customers who continue supporting us and our artists. Every single purchase has a direct impact on the artist, their families, and their communities. As Bastien Jean Ricardo, one of our artists, says, “Thanks to everyone who likes my work. Please try to make me busy!”

Check out some of our favorite Haitian metal art sculptures:


Explore the site as we have wonderful folk art from all over the Americas!


Casey Riddell
Casey Riddell


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