Upcycled Garments and Home Décor by Debra Dorgan - Australia


Debra Dorgan - AllThingsPretty - Australia
Debra Dorgan – AllThingsPretty – Australia







Debra created AllThingsPretty many years ago when living in England. Her website is now using her name, Debra Dorgan. Debra has now lived in Australia for over 12 years and continues to work in art and design as well as her Lifestyle Support Work, with vision to bring many people into a lighter, brighter, creative and healing energy of her soul’s mission and work.

Creating art from as many recycled materials as possible, is an important part of her work, especially with the jewellery, garments and accessories. Not only does that evoke a good feeling but has brought about unique and visually pleasing creations in the process.

She is also part of a Caribbean Steel Band which brings her great joy!









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