Terra Cotta

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“…a waitress came out and plonked in front of each of us a small standard terra-cotta flowerpot in which had been baked a little loaf of bread.
“What’s this?” I asked.
“It’s bread,” she replied.
“But it’s in a flowerpot?” She gave me a look that I was beginning to think of as the Darwin stare. It was a look that said, “Yeah? So?”
“Well, isn’t that kind of unusual?”
She considered for a moment. “Is a bit, I suppose.” “And will we be following a horticultural theme throughout the meal?” Her expression contorted in a deeply pained look, as if she were trying to suck her face into the back of her head. “What?”
“Will the main course arrive in a wheelbarrow?” I elaborated helpfully. “Will you be serving the salad with a pitchfork?”
“Oh, no. It’s just the bread that’s special.”
“I’m so pleased to hear it.”
― Bill Bryson