Gone Rustic Studio

Botanical dyes in wearables and art. Tasmania, Australia.

HoonArts Fair Trade

Wearables and Decor from Central Asia

Unique Batik

Fair trade from Guatemala, Ghana, Thailand, and Chile.

Marta Porada Craft

Ukrainian textile artist - floral crowns and folk art.

Elena NL

Paintings, collages, enamels and more. Canada.

Doughty Designs

Textile and Fiber Artist

Afghan Tribal Arts

Gemstone beads, vintage textiles, tribal rugs and décor from Central Asia.

Something Else Studio

Renaissance Inspired Accessories - Michigan USA


Upcycled Garments and Home Décor by Debra Dorgan - Australia

Barbetta Lockart Contemporary Art and ITSA Studio

Mixed Media artist - international textiles, beads, and jewelry - Sacramento, California, USA

Bone Carving Art

Viking inspired carvings in bone, horn and antler - Ukraine

Tija Crochet

Tapestry crochet accessories and home décor - Latvia