Two Parrots Silk

This is an example of past work.  Visit my website to see what I have in stock.


A hand painted silk scarf with two parrots in the rainforest.  A very colorful and fun scarf.  I love painting birds and the rainforest.


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A hand painted silk summer scarf.  This scarf is of two parrots in the rainforest. I love painting birds and often have them in my paintings.  The size is 20 1/2 x 69 and is painted on Chinese silk.  Please iron on the reversed side and if needed, wash gently in cold water.

I have been professionally painting for over 30 years.  I’ve had numerous art publishers (Martin Lawrence Galleries,  John Szoke Art Publisher, Galerie-F, and Liberty Puzzles).   I paint watercolors, silk and enjoy encaustics as well as drawing and sketching.   I am originally from Los Angeles and now live in Cornwall, NY.   My website is:

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