Crocheted Raw Silk Necklace — White and Gold

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Crocheted Raw Silk Necklace — White and Gold

Natural silk is a fabulous material — the outstandingly soft touch is very pleasant to the skin. I have made several crocheted necklaces and collars using my own original designs. I rarely repeat a design so mostly they are one of a kind items.

This one was inspired by undulating white sand of the seaside and the constant motion of the waves. A super soft one-ply 100% natural silk yarn is used to create this choker-necklace. Button used for the closure are made using naturally gold colored silk fabric. You can put the closure in front or back as you like.

A small sachet with dried lavender (organically grown in my garden) is always accompanying my handwork on the way to the wearer. Please let me know if you do not like lavender. Maybe you prefer lemon balm instead?

The length of the choker is ~35 cm (~14 inches) when buttoned up.
The item is washable by hand (if necessary) using mild soap or shampoo. Please don’t tumble dry, but let it air dry laid flat.

Please bear in mind, that even though I try to keep the tones on the photos as close to the original as it is possible — they still might differ a bit from real life due to monitor settings etc.

Design and handwork: Tija Viksna
Photo: Tija Viksna
Model: my Mom — Biruta

Tija lives in Latvia and says:

“Seeing colours, feeling textures, painting with fiber — all that makes me feel alive. Tapestry crochet has become my passion. Within it, I can unite all forms of creativity I have loved and learned since my childhood. After graduating from art school, where I learned academic painting and drawing, I studied textile arts. And now I paint my wearable tapestries using the crochet hook as a brush and all kinds of fibers, yarns and threads. -Tija”

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