Asian Baskets Wall Quilt
  • Designed and quilted by Castilleja Cotton
    Designed and quilted by Castilleja Cotton
  • Designed-and-quilted-by-Castilleja-Cotton-1
  • Designed-and-quilted-by-Castilleja-Cotton-2

Asian Baskets Wall Quilt


Asian Baskets Wall Quilt by Castilleja Cotton. The Shop on Etsy button will take you to the finished items I have in stock.


Baskets with Asian theme fabrics.
It can also be used as a table mat.
Stitch with gold thread.
It has a sleeve on the back for easy hanging.
Fabric: cotton
Colors: black, wine, gold, cream
Size: Wall 38in wide by 38in high
Technique: Pieced


I am a Canadian quilt pattern designer and sell through my website and through two shops on Etsy. One shop has a selection of patterns (also found on my website) and the other has finished products that I have made. This listing is an example of what I have had for sale in the finished shop. If it has been sold, let me know if you want something similar and I may be able to make it for you. Explore more at these links:

My website (over 500 patterns!)
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The “Shop on Etsy” button will take you to what I have available as finished products. Thank you!

Castilleja Cotton

I make one of kind art quilts, quilted table runners, quilted placemats, wall quilts and lap quilts. This is my second etsy store. My other etsy store CastillejaCotton has my quilt patterns. All of my wall quilts have sleeves on the back to make it easy to hang them. I hope you enjoy shopping in my store.

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