Beautiful Burmese coin necklace
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Beautiful Burmese coin necklace


I am a California mixed media artist and used to have a shop where I sold beads and world textiles. I sell both my work on Etsy along with textiles, jewelry and beads from around the world. This is an example of what I have had in the past. Click on the Visit My Shop button to see what is available now.

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Stunning vintage Burmese coin necklace. This beautiful piece has 5 strands comprised of glass beads and old coins. This piece 24 1/2 ounces (1.53 pounds) and the necklace is 28″ long. A collectors piece to be sure! This piece will be insured when shipping.


I have been involved with the arts for many years, starting as a jewelry maker back in the early ‘70’s, adding painting, drawing, and mixed media assemblage in the ‘80’s and 90’s. I have continued to challenge and entertain myself with the addition of textiles/fiber to my materials repertoire (creating art felt, silk art yardage, handmade wall pieces, runway/costume pieces, etc.) beginning in the ‘90’s, and carrying through to the present… fiber of some sort is often included in my contemporary work. I find fiber and fibrous materials of all sorts to be extremely versatile, and often include it in paintings, sculptures and assemblage work. It is so basic; I find working with it very satisfying.

As a contemporary artist, I hope to create work that is interesting, evocative, communicative, and often, unexpected. I find that I am impacted by world events, politics, the human condition, travel/world cultures, friends, music, nature, foolishness, and personal experiences and interests: all eventually find their way into my art. My work is simply the result of a very busy and curious mind that seldom seems to take a day off. See my fine art work on my website: My Etsy Shop has small works of mine plus beads, textiles and jewelry from around the world:

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