Necktie Scarf – Psychedelic Bark Cloth
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Necktie Scarf – Psychedelic Bark Cloth


A necktie scarf made with vintage barkcloth fabrics. Wearable art.

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I did a search for barkcloth from the 70’s and got similar fabrics to this necktie scarf. It’s really fun! I don’t know what the fabric is made of as these ties did not have any tags.  There is quite a bit of handwork on this piece. I attached the black yo-yos and then stitched them with embroidery floss and added more embroidery over the fabric. There is a close-up image that you can zoom in on to see the details. I think this would look great with a little black dress!

A friend of mine was moving and called all of us fiber artists over to snap up her stash of supplies. She had a barrel full of neckties and told us that whatever was left was going into the dumpster, so I grabbed a bunch.  Couldn’t have that happen!

I had a lot of fun making these bold accessories. I sewed two ties to each other and they drape nicely. I think of this as something similar you would see in some countries, where a textile is draped for effect, more than for function.  Click through the photos as there are more that are not immediately visible, including some close ups.

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