Ceramic Cake- Loaf Baking Dish, Can-Shape, Banana Roll Bread

I work out of my studio in Beersheba, Israel. My ceramic designs are inspired by Nature. This item is an example of what I have done in the past. Click on the “Visit my shop on Etsy” button to see what is currently in stock.


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Ceramic Cake / Loaf Baking Dish, Can-Shape Baking Dish, Banana Roll Bread, Roll Cake Vertical Baking Pan, Cylinder Stoneware Bread Baker

This multi-functional ceramic dish serves as a unique, cylindrical cake dish / Bread or Loaf Baker, or as a utensil holder, and makes a truly amazing hostess or housewarming gift.
Hand-carved with botanical illustrations using the sgraffito technique, this piece of functional art is the ultimate kitchen go-to.

For baking, fill the dish 2/3 of the way with your mixture (bread or cake) and pop it in the oven. When it comes out you can slice it into round slices. This is how my family has done it for generations 🙂
With every purchase, I will send along with my special recipe for my delicious dates bread, which is sweet as a cake but has the consistency of bread!

≜ Hand formed from a clay slab
≜ Hand carved design using sgraffito* technique
≜ Clear, non-toxic, matte glaze inside and outside
≜ Fired in a kiln at 1200 degrees Celsius
≜ Microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

DIMENSIONS (approximately) :
≜ Height: 5.75″ // 14.5 cm
≜ Diameter: 4.25″ // 10.5 cm
≜ Capacity – 32 Oz // 900 ml

Due to the nature of handmade pottery, there may be slight variations from the photos but they will look very similar. colors may also appear differently on different screens.

Thank you for visiting our shop. Please get in touch with me with any questions.
❤ Love, Shelly

I am Shelly, an art and nature addict 🙂 I create and design handmade ceramics.

I like experimenting with different techniques and constantly creating new designs.
I draw my inspiration from Mother Nature; I aim to bring nature inside, using materials that are sourced from nature and presenting images and objects which clearly represent it.

My goal is to create ceramics that not only meet the customer’s needs but also inspire some sense of nature.
Apart from ceramic work, I am also a great lover of yoga; I practice it regularly, finding my inner peace, one that inspires love and spirituality, aspects that play a large role in coming up with new designs. I also love baking and healthy food and believe that healthy fine food deserved to be served in dishes that bring out their best, and that is why I strive to make my customers ceramic pieces that will not only last but also appeal to their use.

One of my biggest influences is the sgraffito. The sgraffito is a form of decoration, typically done in plaster or stucco on walls, or in a slip, on ceramics, before firing.
Sgraffito is an Italian word meaning “to scratch” and create an image. Using the sgraffito technique I can create personalized images.

I make rustic dishes, tableware, home décor, clay baking dishes, coffee and teacups, flower vases, pots, and much more. My ceramics are known for their durability, originality, sophistication, authenticity, and of course, their beauty. I aim to provide my customers with items that are not only pleasing to the eyes but to the soul as well. The effort, attention to detail, and elegance brought out, make each item unique and a piece of art that represents reality. My customers’ satisfaction is my highest priority, I enjoy giving my customers the attention and service they deserve.

As part of caring for our planet, all my packing materials are recycled – sustainability matters to us all!


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Fine handmade ceramics with a focus on Nature from Israel.

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