Fast Forward

Art quilt depicting the plight of bird species in North America



Nine billion birds used to fill our skies. How could we not notice they are disappearing? World-wide increases in green house gases, temperature, pollution, pesticide usage, deforestation, human population, outdoor cat predation… It is no mystery why three billion birds have disappeared. We are the cause – and it is effecting us too. We are tipping at the point of no return.

My art quilt uses hand-dyed cotton fabrics. The birds are subtle on the front until you look closely. The background is quilted like a graph; various ribbons and stitches indicate the decrease in birds caused by increase in environmental problems. The back is included in the gallery images, to help you find the birds. A large bird is flying across – its wing positions change. Only a few birds remain on the right.

26″ H x 86″ W

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