Hand Carved Wooden Earrings-Leaf

HoonArts Fair Trade, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is your doorway to the rich and colorful artisan world of Central Asia, the heart of the ancient Silk Road. This item is an example of the unique handmade products that HoonArts has carried in the past. Visit the HoonArts website [https://www.hoonarts.com] to check out what’s currently in stock, and explore more about this little known region.

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These unique artist’s limited edition hand-carved earrings will make you feel beautiful every time you look in the mirror. These small gems of wearable art were specially designed for HoonArts, using traditional Tajik patterns passed down through the generations in the maker’s family. These distinctive earrings are not available anywhere else in North America.


  • Hand-carved by Master Sodiq Zaripov of Tajikistan

  • The hand-carved wooden leaf is approximately 1 3/4″ in length, 3/4″ wide

  • Photos are representative samples; each pair is one-of-a-kind and reflects the natural beauty of the individual piece of wood from which they were “liberated” by Master Sodiq.

  • Currently available in apricot wood or walnut wood

  • Surgical steel ear wires

Master Sodiq is a fifth-generation woodcarver from the ancient Silk Road city of Istaravshan, Tajikistan, which just celebrated its 2500th anniversary.  His hand-carved wooden products are famed throughout Central Asia, including his combs, which have been awarded the UNESCO Seal of Excellence.  For more information about Master Sodiq, click here.

Artisan Group: Sodiq Zaripov

Learn about the artisans we work with: https://www.hoonarts.com/pages/about-artisans

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Rikki Quintana founded HoonArts Fair Trade in a leap of faith in 2014, working with master artisans in Tajikistan who had no reliable western outlet for their beautiful handcrafted products. Since then, she’s expanded the business to include products from artisans in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Her long-term fair trade partnerships with internationally renowned artists make it possible to offer unique and authentic handcrafted fashion and home decor items that are not available anywhere else in North America. HoonArts also offers travel tours, live and recorded online experiences and master classes, and other behind-the scenes education, making HoonArts your go-to “Doorway to the ‘Stans.” To see all the HoonArts products on Artizan Made, click here. Visit the HoonArts website for more products and information about the HoonArts doorway to adventure in the ‘Stans of Central Asia.

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