Mermaid Maiden Of The Seas One Of A Kind Spirit Bag Mixed Media Textile Art Wearable

Handmade by Jannelle Olmstead of Something Else Studio

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Congratulations! This Spirit Bag you have chosen is dedicated to the lovely green maidens; Goddess of the seas in many cultures. The Mermaid symbolizes the universal womb of the sea, the fertility and bounty of our vast watery resources. Melusine, a very famous mermaid, was the wife of a French aristocrat Raymond Of Poitou. This fabled lady was an acclaimed beauty and years after her death her wailing voice heard over her castle, Lusignan, foretold the death of kings. The beauty, power and grace of the sea are now with your reach! Treat her with care!

A magnetic snap keeps everything closed. Fully lined in linen fabric with a 53″-45″-43″ flat adjustable strap with brass hooks and rings. 10″ high and 12″ at the widest point (6.5″ opening). Has a front and a back Pocket along with an inside lining pocket. Each one is a one of a kind creation. Original design by Something Else Studio.

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Something Else Studio

I’ve been creating for over 40 years using oil and acrylic paints on wood and canvas, plaster relief paintings, fabric dyeing and quilting, crewel stitchery, jewelry beadwork and creative sewing all while drafting my own original patterns.

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