Needle Felted Grizzly Bear

I am a needle felter, painter and pattern designer with a passion for animals, portraits and still lifes. This item is something I have had in my shop on Etsy. Click on the Visit My Shop button to see what is currently available.


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My needle felted bear is a one of a kind art doll:) The furry, brown bear is felted from wool, he has glass eyes, polymer clay, black claws and foot pads.

I love the medium of wool for needle felted sculpture; you can achieve very fine details by needle felting and you can mix the wool with embroidery, sewing, beading etc. which makes it very visually interesting. Each animal is handmade; each animals takes 10-15 hours minimally to create.

*Needle felting is meshing raw wool together with a specially barbed needle by repeatedly stabbing the wool with the needle. The wool binds together to create very strong forms.

This sculpture is not a toy.

*To protect and keep your needle felted sculpture looking its best I recommend placing the sculpture under a glass or plexiglass covering. A covering will protect the wool from dust and prevent admirers from touching the sculpture which will eventually make the wool become slightly fuzzy.


I am an American textile Artist living in the Middle East. I’m from Greenfield, Indiana and I live in Jaffa, Israel; My family and I, our four cats, two turtles, and our Bull Terrier Louie live a multi-cultural life. Ever since I can remember I’ve been making things! I’m inspired by my three girls and a love for art, animals, gardening, travel and photography. I use the textile technique of needle felting to create animals, dolls, masks and puppets. I started sewing costumes and making toys for my girls when they were little; after we moved to Israel I started a business and wrote two books based on making beautiful things for children. Today my artistic focus has changed to making art for adults who are in touch with their inner child! I have also been painting portraits and still lifes and accept commissions. Visit my website: to see what’s going on in my artistic world!


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