Paper Mache Skull Head

My name is José Gabriel Lopez and I am an artist living in Austin, Texas. I was born in Mexico and am influenced by Mexican folk art and surrealism. This is an example of something I have made in the past. I paint, make silver jewelry and create wild creatures in paper mache. Click on the Shop on Etsy button to see what I have for sale now.


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13 inch tall Skull head. I used a Mexican mask as armature to build the first layers of paper. After I removed the armature I build the back of the head using another armature . Both armatures have been removed so the inside is hollow. I hand painted it with acrylics and put a final coat of resin. I hope you like it.


I was born in Mexico, spent my 20’s in Chicago and have lived in Austin, Texas for many years now. I paint what I see in my dreams, my subconscience and can be described as a surrealist. The stories I see come from the tradition of magical realism we experience in Latin America. I love folk art, especially what comes from the Day of the Dead genre and calaveras make their way into my paper mache art along with mermaids, dinosaurs, and wild creatures. I also make silver jewelry that has an industrial feel.

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