Spider Grandmother Spirit Bag Mixed Media Fiber Art Limited Edition Shoulder Bag Purse

Handmade by Jannelle Olmstead of Something Else Studio

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Congratulations! Your Spirit Bag has as image designed to represent the wonderful wise women of the Native Americans, “Spider Grandmother”. She is also called “Spinning Woman” or “Thinking Woman”. The mythology of a creator woman, who wove the heavens and the earth, is an important figure in the oral traditions and folklore of many Native American Indian tribes from all across North America. While the different cultures have somewhat different accounts, most agree that Spider Grandmother is responsible for the stars in the sky and for humans having the gift of the knowledge of fire. She is usually described as weaving the world at night. She is the Native American most wide spread Earth Mother Goddess. You have in your hands an ancient symbol of power and creativity!

A magnetic snap keeps everything closed. Fully lined in linen fabric with a 53″-45″-43″ flat adjustable strap with brass hooks and rings. 10″ high and 12″ at the widest point (6.5″ opening). Has a front and a back Pocket along with an inside lining pocket. Each one is a one of a kind creation. Original design by Something Else Studio.

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Something Else Studio

I’ve been creating for over 40 years using oil and acrylic paints on wood and canvas, plaster relief paintings, fabric dyeing and quilting, crewel stitchery, jewelry beadwork and creative sewing all while drafting my own original patterns.

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