Tree Of Life Handpainted Pyrography Gemstone Necklace

Handmade by Jannelle Olmstead of Something Else Studio

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Within the Nordic cultures we find a Tree of Life called Yggdrasil. It is a massive holy ash tree where Gods assemble daily. The tree provides a magical springwater of knowledge. My tree of life is an original pyrography creation by Gill Rippingale. The knotted bead cording includes gemstones of Labradorite, Jade, Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Malachite, with beads of bone, shell, horn and wood and latches with a hook. Pendant size is 2.25″ long x 1.5″ wide. Necklace length is 19″. Each one is a one of a kind creation. Original design by Something Else Studio.

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Something Else Studio

I’ve been creating for over 40 years using oil and acrylic paints on wood and canvas, plaster relief paintings, fabric dyeing and quilting, crewel stitchery, jewelry beadwork and creative sewing all while drafting my own original patterns.

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