Viking Runic Compass, Vegvisir “Wayfinder” Pendant with Rune Circle, Norse Magical symbol to show way, Travel Talisman

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Wayfinder, Vegvisir, The Pagan Symbol of Guidance and Protection The Viking Compass/Runic Compass, Hand made – carved from moose horn.

No animals were injured. In November – December, the moose sheds its old horns. In April – May, the animals begin to grow new horns.
We find them in the forest, process and make unique things for you.

This product is created TO ORDER: creation time 2-4 days from the date of purchase.

D. 4 x 5 cm. (1,57 – 1,97inches)
As each amulet is hand-carved, some small details and sizes can differ from the images in the photo.

Our products are unique and exclusive because they are made exclusively by hand.

This amulet has a Tiwaz rune on the backside.
The t-rune ᛏ is named after Týr and was identified with this god. The reconstructed Proto-Germanic name is *Tîwaz or *Teiwaz. Tiwaz rune was an ideographic symbol for a spear.
Runa Teivaz symbolizes courage, motivation, willpower, and justice.

The Vegvisir has been called the Viking compass and been described as a wonderful symbol of navigation and protection. The word “Vegvisir” itself means Wayfinder” or “signpost”.

Vegvisir or vegvísir was the name of the ancient Viking compass which was pretty mythical. The word can be pronounced as “VEGG-vee-seer”. The word Vegvisir meant the pathfinder or the signpost. The most famous lines about this Vegvisir compass were that “If this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known”. By those words can we know the power of Vegvisir Viking compass.

The design of the Viking Vegvisir bore much resemblance to the Aegishjalmur which was also a magical symbol of protection. The eight different spikes presented the eight directions in our way.

Vegvisir was the symbol of guidance and protection as we can see from the words presented about it. Many warriors were believed to apply this symbol of Vegvisir onto their ships before they set sail and went on voyaging. Because as long as this Viking compass was carried alongside one person, he/she would never lose sight of land in the ocean. Moreover, this Viking compass Vegvisir would also guide them back home safe and sound.

It was said that the Vegvisir was always drawn on the Viking ships before they set sail because the Viking held a firm belief that the Vegvisir would guide them back home safe and sound.

Amulet made of moose antlers/bone.
Due to their strength and durability since ancient times, the horns/antlers of animals were used in the manufacture of weapons and jewelry.

I accept payment through PayPal ONLY.

Delivery time is 15-45 days for international delivery.
If you wish, I can send the parcel via consolidation PLUS (USPS).

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that some products in our store are painted. Therefore, over time, the paint may wear off.
Parcels will be packed in high quality.

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that some products in our store are painted. Therefore, over time, the paint may wear off.
Thanks for visiting my store
Good shopping. Best regards Oksana.

Roman and Oksana live in Ukraine and love Viking culture and design! Roman carves amulets, knife handles and accessories from bone, antlers and horn, all shed naturally by the animals. Oksana takes care of the marketing and of running their shop on Etsy.

From Roman:
“My art is an integral part of my life. I do bone carving, mostly Viking style. In general, I can carve anything, but not all carving brings me pleasure and inspiration. The Viking history interests me and inspires me. I have been carving for more than 15 years and have sold my work to people in many different countries. I am very happy that I can share my art and my products far beyond my own country. Each new design in anything I make is a challenge. I love everything about my work. I never do anything I don’t like.”

Visit our shop on Etsy!

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Bone Carving Art

Ukrainian artist, Roman, creates artifacts, historical copies, along with Viking inspired jewelry, amulets, and tools. Everything is charged with a strong spirit and sturdy character.  Visit his shop on Etsy:

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