Viking style amulet with Bear head. Berserker warrior necklace, Norse, Celtic, Pagan jewelry, Veles,Algiz

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Viking Bear claw warrior bone pendant. A high quality. Unique detailed carving.
Handmade – amulet carved from moose horn and buffalo horn. The bear’s eye is decorated with a carnelian stone, which is in a silver rim.
Traditional Norse carving. In a single copy.

No animals were injured. In November – December, the moose sheds its old horns. In April – May, the animals begin to grow new horns.
We find them in the forest, process and make unique things for you.

PLEASE NOTE, if you like any product in our store and you would like to order it, but you do not like some details (you would like to change the rune or other symbol), please contact me, we will make the product according to your wishes.

Size about 10.6 cm (4.14 inches).
width (in the wider part) is about 4.2 cm (1.65 inches)

The berserkers were the gang of fierce warriors who worshipped Odin the Allfather, the Asgard chief god, and sometimes they were commissioned by the royal and the noble as their bodyguards. It was believed that the berserkers would strike fear into those who encountered them. Besides, berserkers would wear the bear or wolf skin to intimidate their enemies. Maybe this gave them the name Berserker which probably meant bear coat in Old Norse.

Viking Berserkers would start their fight by teeth chattering and chills. Their blood coursed through their veins and they culminated in an uncontrollable rage followed by howls and grunts. They were thought to bite their shields and gnaw at their skin before they started their battles where they would damage and kill anything that popped up in their path.

It was believed that nothing could ever break the Viking berserkers. They were invincible and immune to fire and sword. If they were injured, they would continue fighting. They were as strong as wild oxen or bears. They were as fierce as dogs and wolves. They would kill anyone. However, any accounts telling the stories about Berserkers were partially true.

Amulet made of moose antlers/bone.
Due to their strength and durability since ancient times, the horns/antlers of animals were used in the manufacture of weapons and jewelry.

Care: do not wet, and wear with pleasure.

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that some products in our store are painted. Therefore, over time, the paint may wear off.

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I also want to draw your attention to the fact that some products in our store are painted. Therefore, over time, the paint may wear off.

Good shopping. Best regards Oksana.

Roman and Oksana live in Ukraine and love Viking culture and design! Roman carves amulets, knife handles and accessories from bone, antlers and horn, all shed naturally by the animals. Oksana takes care of the marketing and of running their shop on Etsy.

From Roman:

‘My art is an integral part of my life. I do bone carving, mostly Viking style. In general, I can carve anything, but not all carving brings me pleasure and inspiration. The Viking history interests me and inspires me. I have been carving for more than 15 years and have sold my work to people in many different countries. I am very happy that I can share my art and my products far beyond my own country. Each new design in anything I make is a challenge. I love everything about my work. I never do anything I don’t like.”

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Bone Carving Art

Ukrainian artist, Roman, creates artifacts, historical copies, along with Viking inspired jewelry, amulets, and tools. Everything is charged with a strong spirit and sturdy character.  Visit his shop on Etsy:

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