Viking Treasure (1000-1200 y.o., Viking)

This hand-made in Ottawa elegant necklace will become a conversation piece. The pendant has an authentic artifact – a Viking bronze button from 8-10th century. To make it stand out more, I added hot-enamelled copper round in teal colour.


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This nice and elegant necklace has a historical artifact as a pendant, beautifully underlined with genuine blue sapphires. “Sapphire” comes from the Greek word “sappheiros”, meaning “blue colour.” Sapphires can be different in colour and purity. In this Viking Treasure necklace, all stones are natural and untreated, in classic blue and fresh pink colours. They are not clear and do NOT refer to the highest grade of stones.

The centrepiece of this necklace is a little used-to-be-real bronze button from Viking’s shirt. I gently restored and cleaned this artifact for you to wear. Imagine, more than a thousand years ago someone made this little button from scratch, and a Viking was wearing it all the way across the seas. And now it’s yours. To make this artifact more standing out, Elena enamelled a copper round and placed the Viking button against it.

Hand-made Ottawa (Ontario) in Canada.

Materials: real bronze, real copper, genuine sapphires.

Elena lives in Canada and the prices shown here are in Canadian dollars. Click on the “Visit My Website” button to go and see her current offerings.


I use many inspiring techniques as a creative artist, from classical painting to whimsical collages: original oil and acrylic paintings, original collages, illustrated books and cards, as well as other forms of art. I live in Quebec, Canada.

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