Viking Warrior head, Oseberg ship burial Norway, Oseberg Cart Museum Reenactment, Norse Sculpture

This is an example what I have had in my shop in the past. I often have over 500 carvings in my shop, so come visit to see what is available now! Click on the “Visit my shop on Etsy!” button to go over there.


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Hand-carved head in medieval style. This design has been inspired by decoration on a cart at the Viking Ship Museum, Oslo. Сarved head on the side of the Oseberg cart, Viking, Norway, 820 AD.

The head is hand-carved from an old buffalo bone and attached to a wooden stand with brass wire. The stand is made of bog oak.
Wonderful work in your collection and a unique gift. Each work is a unique piece of art

The total height is about 23 cm.
The size of the head is about 8.5 cm ant its width is about 5 cm.

A very unique and rare copy.

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Roman and Oksana live in Ukraine and love Viking culture and design! Roman carves amulets, knife handles and accessories from bone, antlers and horn, all shed naturally by the animals. Oksana takes care of the marketing and of running their shop on Etsy.

From Roman:

“My art is an integral part of my life. I do bone carving, mostly Viking style. In general, I can carve anything, but not all carving brings me pleasure and inspiration. The Viking history interests me and inspires me. I have been carving for more than 15 years and have sold my work to people in many different countries. I am very happy that I can share my art and my products far beyond my own country. Each new design in anything I make is a challenge. I love everything about my work. I never do anything I don’t like.”

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Bone Carving Art

Ukrainian artist, Roman, creates artifacts, historical copies, along with Viking inspired jewelry, amulets, and tools. Everything is charged with a strong spirit and sturdy character.  Visit his shop on Etsy:

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