Gears Art Wall Clock – White, Grey & Black Glazes
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Gears Art Wall Clock – White, Grey & Black Glazes


Gears Ceramic Art Wall Clock in White, Grey & Black Glazes- 15 inches diameter, Handmade My website has the full range of glazes and options that I offer. Click the “Visit my Website” button to go there. I also have a shop on Etsy if you prefer to shop there:

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Mini Quartz Clock Mechanisms:
– are very quiet- no loud ticking
– run on a single AA battery (not included)
– made in U.S.A.
TO HANG: there is a deep notch on the back to catch screw or nail.
This Clock Measures 13.5″ in diameter.
This clock is an original design 
sculpted in low relief
fired with low fire ceramic glazes


I am a ceramic artist living in Santa Cruz, California, USA. I specialize in ceramic light switch plate covers, art clocks, and dimensional tiles. I use various slips to cast the shapes and finish them off with a wide range of glazes, both gloss and matte. My website has examples of the range of what I can offer.

After I graduated as a fine art major in college I loved painting and drawing in a personal, exploratory way while supporting myself as a waitress and farmer’s market vendor. Life events inspired me to use my artistic skills toward creating a line of ceramic wares that are marketable, functional and creative. The growth of the internet has enabled me to work full time as an artist. I love to transform ordinary household objects into works of art that add texture, color and beauty to the home. The images in my work reflect my love and awe for the complexity of the natural world, and my concern for its wellbeing. Objects in our homes that we see and touch and use in our daily lives are transformed by making them out of clay and ceramic glazes rather than plastic.

Ceramic glazes are made from minerals mined from the earth that are heated to 2000 degrees. In the kiln they become liquid glass that moves over the sculpted designs like lava that flows through and over valleys and then hardens. I use the specially formulated art glazes that cause some minerals to rest in the crevices while other minerals rise to the peaks, thus accentuating the three dimensional quality of my work. There is an alchemical transformation of glazes that compels me to create with them.

Beth Sherman

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