Antique St. John the Baptist Santo Carving, c. 1650, Spain

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General: Antique carving of St. John the Baptist

Condition: A good deal of the polychrome remains. Heavy with gold leafing on intricately carved garment. The size is 19.125″ in height. Glass eyes.

Comments: An excellent, detailed carving in a large size. In addition to those attributes, the extensive gold leafing is testament that this was created for a church or other place of public worship. The Baptist is depicted as young, holding a book upon which rests the Lamb. Spanish work, circa 1650.

Whatever the culture, there can be no more important art than that used as an aid for communicating with the divine. I have always found devotional artifacts fascinating to collect; there is no better way to connect with a past culture than through the objects that were important to it. Collecting santos figures is particularly gratifying. The subject, the style and the methods of production combine to tell the tale of what the individuals in that culture valued.



I have been collecting artifacts and religious objects for many years, specializing in Asian and European vintage carvings. Don’t hesitate to ask about other stock that I might have that is not listed here.



Materials: wood

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