Far Side Geology

Art quilt of lunar geology, celebrating the anniversary of the first moon landing



The far side of the moon is utterly unfamiliar to most of us. It is very different from the side of the moon that faces us, lacking the large maria (seas), instead covered completely by craters. This quilt depicts about half of the far side (outlined in detail image). The thread colors and quilting stitch patterns depict various geologic features, broken by stripes of greys, showing the terrain. As a cartographer, I naturally feel that geologic map design involves art along with science.

This is a whole-cloth quilt, white cotton fabric entirely covered with free-hand machine stitching.

My source, The Geologic Map of the Central Far Side of the Moon, was produced by the U.S. Geological Survey. As an United States government agency, the map is considered in public domain.

18″W x 30″H


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