Peach Silk Linen Scarf

Woven in a fair trade village near the east coast of India, this silk linen scarf crinkles when washed.  It can also be ironed flat.  The peach color was created by a mix of cochineal and osage natural dyes. It can also be worn as a shawl and cowl.  Goes with both casual and formal dress.

Dimensions:  80″  Long, 21″ Wide


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Osage and cochineal natural dyes created this peach color on this silk linen scarf.   When it is washed or dyed, it becomes crinkled.  You can also iron it to be flat and wider for a shawl.  It is long enough to create a cowl.  Just tie both ends together and wrap it around your neck twice.

This silk and linen fibers take dye in a different manner.  The silk reflects light as a soft glow, then linen creates as matte tone.  The scarf is long and wide enough to be a shawl.   It was woven in a fair trade village near the east coast of India.

After the dye process, the shawl was neutralized in a vinegar bath and washed three times.  Very easy to care, can be machine washed on delicate cycle.  Hang to dry, and iron if desired.   It will crinkle more if you leave it un-ironed.

Lightweight, travel friendly, it can go from season to season.

Dimensions:  80″  Long, 21″ Wide

55% linen  45% Silk

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