Velvet Infinity Scarf Embroidered

This velvet infinity scarf features exquisite embroidery from M Guegain & Sons.  The fabric is made on 18th century looms.  Aqua and Chocolate are the colors that define this limited edition scarf by Jane Porter.

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This silk velvet infinity scarf was created by a fabric  embroidered with an 18th century design by M Guegain & Sons in northern France. It is lined with aqua crinkled silk chiffon from Italy to compliment the embroidery on the brown silk velvet.  Cut on the bias to ensure a fantastic drape, the scarf can be washed and dried on a delicate cycle.  The double twist allows one to arrange the colors in different ways.   Just put it on and go.

The cowl can also be worn as a headband for a chic look.  Comfortable, easy care, and travel friendly for the woman who wants to look great with minimal effort.  It makes a wonderful gift, too.

Silk Velvet:  18% Silk, 82% Rayon, Silk Chiffon


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